What is the Walking School Bus ?

The Walking School Bus, led by the Canadian Cancer Society, is a project that allows elementary school children to walk to school together, accompanied by adult volunteers.

  • Safe and supervised
  • Planned routes with scheduled stops
  • Trained volunteers who’ve undergone a background check

Benefits for everyone!

For children

  • A chance to make new friends
  • Pleasure and sense of belonging to a group
  • Learn to become a good pedestrian
  • Better concentration in class
  • Increase in the level of daily physical activity

For parents who get involved

  • Sharing responsabilities with other parents
  • Pleasure and sense of belonging to a group
  • Expanding your social network
  • A way to keep fit

For schools

  • Reducing car traffic around the school
  • Increasing safety for pedestrians
  • Parents mobilized around a project that brings people together
  • Environment that promotes physical activity

For communities

  • Fewer cars: families walk more to get around
  • Greener neighbourhood
  • Citizen involvement in an intergenerational project
  • Strenghtening the social fabric

Did you know?


About half of all cancer cases can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle and implementing policies to protect public health.


58% of parents say that they always walked to school when they were children: only 28% say that their children are doing it today.


The exercise that children get by walking to school increases their ability to concentrate, for the next four hours or so.


Each kilometre covered on foot on a daily basis is associated with a 5% decrease in the probability of becoming obese.


Only 14% of young Canadians between 5 and 11 years old are sufficiently active.

2 ways to get on board
the Walking School Bus

A simple and safe way to be active on a daily basis. Get on board the Walking School Bus today!


Register my child

Let your child discover the pleasure of walking with friends and adopting
healthy habits for life!


Sign me up as a volunteer

Accompany children as they walk
to school and start
the day energized!

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